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CE Fire & Safety Consultants LTD embodies a culture of continuous learning and improvement. Periodic refresher courses, updates on regulatory changes, and proactive hazard assessment contributes to a safety-first approach. Get in touch today on

CE Fire & Safety Consultants LTD offers a multitude of safety and health training courses across all industries and sectors, ensuring that your business, whatever it may be, is fully compliant with current legislation and regulations and will also instil invaluable knowledge into your staff.


Health and Safety Induction and Awareness

At CE Fire & Safety Consultants LTD, our commitment to safety begins with our rigorous Health and Safety Induction program. This program ensures that all team members, both new and existing, are well-versed in best practices. A particular emphasis on the importance of understanding potential hazards and the necessary steps to mitigate them is evident throughout our health and safety induction and awareness courses. Topics covered in our induction program include fire safety, emergency response procedures, hazard identification, safety equipment usage, and compliance with relevant regulations such as the Health and Safety at Work Act 2005.

Manual Handling

Occupational safety is paramount within any business. Manual handling encompasses various activities that involve lifting, lowering, pushing, pulling, and carrying loads. These activities are ubiquitous in many industries, and when performed incorrectly, they can lead to musculoskeletal disorders and workplace accidents. Therefore, it is imperative that your employees are well-versed in proper manual handling techniques.

Chemical Awareness

Chemicals are utilised in various industrial processes, including manufacturing and laboratory research. While they offer invaluable benefits, they also pose potential risks, particularly in the context of fire safety. Being acutely aware of the properties and behaviours of chemicals is paramount to mitigate these risks effectively. This awareness can mean the difference between averting a catastrophe and dealing with a devastating fire incident.

Chemical and Hazardous Material Response

CE Fire & Safety Consultants Ltd understands the importance of complying with strict regulatory requirements, and as such, the training program adheres to the latest international safety standards. This approach ensures that the training is up-to-date and in line with current best practices, making it invaluable for professionals like me operating in high-risk environments.

Confined Spaces Awareness

Confined spaces pose inherent risks, making it imperative for employees and employers to prioritise safety. Confined Spaces Awareness Training is a fundamental step in this direction. It ensures that individuals working in or around such environments are equipped with the knowledge and skills to identify, evaluate, and mitigate potential dangers effectively.

DSE Assessments

DSE assessments are a fundamental component of maintaining a safe and productive working environment. They are not just a legal requirement but an investment in the well-being of employees and the efficiency of the workplace.


For CE Fire & Safety Consultants LTD, ensuring that employees are working in an ergonomically sound environment is critical. It involves evaluating the alignment of the screen to the user's eye level, proper keyboard and mouse positioning to prevent repetitive strain injuries, and even the lighting conditions to minimise eye strain.

Under Irish law, employers have a legal obligation to ensure that DSE assessments are carried out for employees who regularly use display screen equipment. CE Fire & Safety Consultants LTD understands the importance of compliance and has made a commitment to meeting these requirements with diligence and care.

CE Fire & Safety Consultants LTD's commitment to safety and expertise is evident in the training programmes provided, setting a gold standard for safety training in Ireland. Get in touch today on

  • What is fire safety training, and why is it essential for my business?
    Fire safety training is a critical component of workplace safety. It educates employees on fire prevention, evacuation procedures, and the proper use of firefighting equipment. Ensuring your staff is well-versed in fire safety can prevent accidents and save lives, making it an essential aspect of compliance with Irish safety regulations.
  • How often should fire safety training be conducted?
    Fire safety training should be provided to employees when they join a company and regularly thereafter. The frequency of refresher training depends on specific factors like staff turnover, changes in fire safety policies, and the nature of the workplace. CE Fire & Safety LTD can help determine the optimal schedule for your organisation.
  • What topics are covered in fire safety training?
    Fire safety training covers a range of topics, including fire hazards, prevention strategies, evacuation procedures, fire extinguisher use, and first-aid measures. It also addresses specific risks that may be present in your workplace.
  • How can I tailor training to my specific workplace needs?
    CE Fire & Safety LTD offers bespoke training solutions. We assess your workplace's unique risks and requirements, then develop a tailored training program to address them effectively.
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